Spencer Hill, Cartoonist, Illustrator, Illustroonist

Spencer Hill, Cartoonist, Illustrator, Illustroonist


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22 Jan 2017

 Much of my freelance management consultancy experience was in procurement or purchasing, so naturally I draw some of my inspiration from that world. Of the hundreds of cartoons I have for sale over at cartoonstock.com, I am always pleased and yet surprised that it is this subject which sells best!

So I sat today and read through some latest news from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS if you're in the know) and drew a few more cartoons. If you are yawning or fell asleep before getting this far...this is not your subject. If you understand that cartoon on the left and it makes you chuckle...why not contact me and I could produce some procurement cartoons just for you? I could also review your procurement strategy and conduct a spend analysis...but that isn't as amusing :)

4 Dec 2016

Where did that month go?! Yep, it's been a month since the official launch party for the Yellow Monkey Emperor's Classic of Chinese Medicine at Gosh Comics in London. Here is me trying to look like an author and not feel too self conscious as I had the only chair in the whole place.

I had a great evening meeting the team from the publishers who I have worked with for the past year including Jessica, Mike and Rosie, and I was warmly supported by family and friends too. Thanks to everyone who came to speak to me. It was great to meet people who are enjoying our work and to engage with cartooning and Chinese medicine enthusiasts.

More projects are on the desk, but I won't say too much about them yet as they are not ready to hatch for a while. Watch this space :)

12 Sep 2016

 Yes, I realise that the Amazon ratings are no indication of sales or effectiveness, but almost one month after the Yellow Monkey Emperor's Classic of Chinese Medicine was published it seems to be doing ok. It has now released in America too, and our publisher also carried it with her to the Bejing Book fair recently. I believe that attendees at the forthcoming British Acupuncture Council conference in Reading will also be able to get their hands on a copy too.

It feels substantial in print at almost 300 pages in graphic novel size, and feedback from fellow Chinese medicine students and internal arts practitioners so far has been very positive. We are pleased :)

The official launch will be in London soon, and Damo and I hope to meet people and answer questions about the book (assuming that the dates are favourable and we can both attend of course!). He can field the difficult Chinese medicine questions and I will talk about cartoon bananas and the difficulty of converting a list of symptoms into a comic.

11 Aug 2016

 It has been three years from concept to conclusion, but our book The Yellow Monkey Emperor's Classic of Chinese Medicine hits the shops in one week.  Neither of us have seen the book in print yet, but Jessica Kingsley our publisher has, and she was very pleased :) Another project has hit the drawing board and I'm catching up with a mountain of London Art College marking after a month in Sweden. Busy busy busy :)

11 Aug 2016
12 May 2016

The Yellow Monkey Emperor's Classic of Chinese Medicine is at the printers!


This is indeed a 'three banana' celebration :)

8 Apr 2016

 In my experience there is always a strange anticlimax at the completion of a large project. The Yellow Monkey Emperor's Classic of Chinese Medicine is done and the publishers are doing their bit now. It does seem strange to draw the same characters and places every day for many months and then suddenly stop.

Other projects are filling my time, as are my students. Firefly the board game is set up on the dining room table so the crew of Serenity will be distracting me when I should be drawing, and the winter is drawing to a close so we will be able to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings too.

19 Mar 2016

 Behind the scenes of the final editing process for the Chinese medicine book for Singing Dragon. It's always great to get fresh perspectives on your work, particularly when you have spent nine months on a project like this one.

Here I have a list of amendments and I am ploughing through them. Refreshments supplied by Vicky :)

I am planning on having everything completed this weekend....although I have just discovered that two complete pages of one of the comics has disappeared. Sigh. I will add 'redraw two pages' to my list!

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