Stuff I've been doing


 No cartooning today as we had to race to North Wales on a mission to rescue my drawing tablet after it lost an encounter with the stairs yesterday. Luckily for me my cousin Paul and buddy David came to my rescue and I now have a fully functioning replacement to enable me to continue my work!

We also collected 101 little printed thumbnails of the cartoons selected for the forthcoming book. Tomorrow will see the planning and collation of this book before hopefully posting it up for sale through

Exciting stuff!


 That's it! 101 horsey cartoons ready for collating into a book. It's been a long haul but worth it and as we pull the book together for publication I am beginning to plan the marketing campaign. Watch this space for more news on when and where this book will be available, events and other related happenings :)


 Today's doodle of the day is an example of how a cartoonists mind works. I drove past a signpost which had both a warning of possible sheep on the road, and a speed camera.

I immediately saw this cartoon and came home and drew it.

I have just finished a manic afternoon working on the new cartoon collection. Only a few more cartoons to go and I will have enough to select 101 for the book!


 I almost missed today's doodle of the day as I have been cartooning solid for over nine hours today and was taking a well earned break from the screen.

The 101 cartoons for the equine cartoon collection are almost ready!

Here is one of my favourites from today's exertions....I hope I have the French right....


 Today's doodle of the day is in memory of a replica sword I have been walking past in a local antique shop for two months now. 

The full size metal reproduction of Clouds sword from Final Fantasy VII was way out of my budget, and today someone else bought it. 


It was nice staring at it every time I walked past anyway, and I have a photo of me holding it too


 Yes.....I have spent the day drawing cartoon horses and ponies again, so it was inevitable that today's doodle would be equine themed.

I am continuing to post a horsey cartoon every day on Instagram, but now I am making the final push to produce a pile of cartoons from which I can pick 101 for a book. If I can keep this pace up it will be in production by the end of the week!

Keep watching this space for more news on the book release and promotion :) This little guy was produced in Adobe Ideas again.....if you were interested.....


The doodle of the day is a bit late today as I have been out on the beach enjoying the gorgeous weather. 

It's not all been picnics, tea with soya milk and paddling though, I have generated ideas for a dozen cartoons which I will crack on with drawing tomorrow. 

Here is a picture of me on said beach from earlier today.
Good Morning :)

I continue to share doodles, sketches and finished cartoons here in the Melting Pot as I agree with my technical advisor that regular updates are the lifeblood of a website.

Today is a doodle, so whilst I can't explain why I drew it, I can tell you it was created in another of my favourite iPad apps Paper by 53.

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