Stuff I've been doing


 I mentioned in an earlier post that I had started a new comic strip project. Charlie & Jane is now available on or through the app of the same name. It's a bit of fun and I'm enjoying creating and drawing the strip and photographing scraps of paper to use as the frames :)

I am updating it twice a week at the moment and I have lots of ideas for new stories and characters. Watch this that space I told you about earlier. Tapastic.


 I am not yet into the editing phase for the Zang Fu book so it has given me an opportunity to work with other people in quite different ways. I have completed several cartoons which were commissioned by a client in December, launched a fun web based comic strip on tapastic and just this week completed a logo for my friend Ren. I am also continuing my work with my students at the London Art College and a growing number of illustration mentoring projects.

Ren is a freelance editor offering a wide range of publishing and editorial services as Last Edits. She asked for a logo which fitted the design of her website, used purple and grey and was primarily text based. Knowing someone well makes the design process much easier, and after a brief visit to her website to refresh my memory on its design I produced a handful of options for her. Within a few days of refining we arrived at this logo shown here. One satisfied client and an enjoyable creative exchange :)


 With the first draft of the Chinese medicine book in the hands of the publisher I have turned my attention to some outstanding commercial and personal projects.

I can't show any of them right now, but the thumbnails on the right were doodles I sent to a client to determine their preferences for a cartoon I was producing. They are considering the final cartoon now, which I hope to share in the future.

I am also excited about a new project for a web comic which came to life within the past week. The intention is to produce a 'slice of life' genre simple cartoon strip which I can produce regularly for reading on phones and tablets. I will share this once I have progressed it further.

More cartoons for the same client, inevitable edits on the book, too many ideas and not enough time to draw them all. When you spend your day doing what you love though this is a blessing not a complaint :)


I completed the final comic for the Chinese Medicine book for Singing Dragon today! Hurrah! Since my last post I also completed over thirty illustrations to accompany my co authors words too. Hence the delay.

I feel a huge sense of achievement and I am looking forward to cracking on with other projects once this is put to bed. On my desk already I have three cartoon commissions, more ideas for Cartoons From the Horses Mouth and a spin off from this book. 

I expect there will be some more work here yet after the editing team have studied the stories, but I am still going to do a little Snoopy dance around the room to celebrate!


 That's it! The Kidneys are completed so only one syndrome comic is left to conceive and draw of the 78 I started with. I want this last one to be a little different to the others, and I have been sketching and planning and doodling for a couple of months in preparation.

I am very pleased with how this project has come together and I look forward to seeing the finished book :)


 I completed Kidneys and Heart Disharmony today, which leaves only two syndromes to draw! Damo's writing is looking good, and I have spot illustrations to complete for his sections....and then we are into the editing stage for the Chinese Medicine book with Singing Dragon.

This last syndrome was quite exciting, as i decided to create my own version of a well known diagram the Nei Jing Tu to get the message across. I can't wait until this hits the shelves later this year.


 Three Zang fu syndromes to go! That is all :)


I completed Phlegm Fire Bothering the Heart today, which has the greatest number of potential symptoms of all the syndromes with a whopping sixteen(!)

As the purpose of these comics is to communicate these symptoms in a memorable way, this syndrome was always going to be a challenge. Luckily for me inspiration comes from many sources. I will read Chinese medicine books, interrogate web pages or just discuss it with my partner Vicky. As the facts and opinions flow around me something stupid happens and a cartoon is born. For this one I misheard Vicky when she told me something about the five elements. I heard five elephants.....and the rest just happened :)

Four syndromes left! Ha ha ha ha! (I am also listening to Jim Henson's biography on audible, so my life is very muppet orientated at the moment). The guy was a genius.

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