Stuff I've been doing


 I neglected to post anything yesterday, so today I figured I would make up for it and get in early.

Yesterday was spent on Project Zang Fu and I have completed two and a half comic pages. Conceived, drawn, coloured and lettered. I will finalise page three today hopefully.  These doodles were scribbled whilst awaiting inspiration at one point early in the day.

The evening was spent playing board games including the superb King Of TokyoCarcassonne and One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Great way to pass time :)


 I'm have been working on one of my projects today in an attempt to simultaneously increase my knowledge of the subject matter, whilst improving the cartoons that will illustrate the concepts.

This is one panel from today's efforts where I am experimenting with the level of detail I put into the pages. With approximately 1000 panels like this one ahead, getting the feel and detail level right is crucial.


 An essential part of Project Zang Fu, and indeed any cartooning project on a specialist area, is study.

To this end I am reading a number of books at the moment, including a translation of the Yellow Emporer's Classic of Medicine by Maoshing Ni. 

I just read the chapter in which Qi Bo explains to the Emporer that people suffering with heart disease should eat dog meat.

I reckon this was Qi Bo's dogs reaction when he found out...


 This banana I have just drawn as the doodle of the day is the only bit of drawing I have done today. Some days are more about business or marketing or socialising than doodling. This was one of those.

I give you a banana doodled very quickly in that old iPad faithful Adobe Ideas.....


 Today's doodle of the day is a quick go to drawing as to be honest I have spent a lot of time either studying or drawing already today for Project Zang Fu.

The great news is the first couple of pages of the comic book are completed and with my collaborator for consideration and comment.


 No update yesterday. Oops. Here is something I am working on as part of one of my current projects.  

These concept drawings are part of the comprehensive notes I am taking whilst researching the material for the book.


 This is my doodle of the day. No. I don't know what it is either but it was completed in Adobe Ideas.....which as you know....I love.

Today has been spent both on Project Sven, which resulted in a few new cartoons and a revamp of an old one, and Project Zang Fu too, which mainly involved reading a translation of a classic of Chinese medicine and chuckling to myself as it made me think of cartoons. Nothing is boring when you're a cartoonist.

I'm not sharing any of these cartoons or doodles just yet as I want the project collaborators to see them first.  Soon maybe.


 I often use my cartoons in my management consultancy work as I find them useful to communicate sometimes complex or emotive issues.

This cartoon is a recent example of one of these which built up to form a rich picture including detail around which a conversation could be based, and decisions made.

Yes.....I used horses again :)

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