Stuff I've been doing


A bit of cartoon fun today to wish my nephew a happy first birthday. He has his Mum's mouth but his Dad's beard :)

Beard added in Adobe Ideas on the iPad.

Doodles, by their nature, evolve without too much predetermination or planning and go where they will. Some of the doodles of the day I have been posting have been sketches, or finished cartoons or visual brainstorms. 

This is a random guy who grew from an ear........


The sun has his hat well and truly on, which is very much a 'hip hip hooray' moment in Wales. 

A quick doodle of the day to celebrate it and I'm off to enjoy it somewhere whilst a prospective new client peruses a selection of cartoons I just sent them and the chocolate tart I just made chills in the fridge. Have a nice day :)


Sometimes drawings just draw themselves, and this doodle of the day has probably been drawn by my stomach, which has been churning and gurgling all morning. I don't look as sick as this guy though!


Today's doodle of the day is a little late as I have been on the road for most of the day, but here it is, another beard themed cartoon drawn once again for @thehatman40 on Instagram.


My horsey cartoons on Instagram are starting to attract followers, but I sometimes find the square format for the pictures a bit restrictive. Today's doodle of the day is the cartoon equivalent of a nice stretch after hours travelling in a small car.


Today's doodle of the day is another beard themed cartoon. My life seems to be filled with horses and beards at the moment. I know that technically six of the seven dwarves had beards, but this was a more pleasing and Instagram friendly composition :)


Today's doodle of the day is another beard related cartoon for TheHatmanWebsite. I was quite pleased with this one, shame I misspelled the word siege on the version he used for his Instagram account @thehatman40!

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