Stuff I've been doing


I'm posting a cartoon selfie for today's doodle of the day. I drew this in Adobe Ideas on the iPad from a photograph of me taken in the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the World Museum in Liverpool.


I found today's doodle of the day in an archive, it's over ten years old and is one of the first cartoons I drew when I decided I wanted to be a cartoonist.  This guy is actually an Army General I was working for at the time who I thought resembled a rhino in his managerial approach and stature.  

I remember that to help me I also modelled this cartoon in plasticine (children's modelling clay) so I could spin the figure round and draw him from different angles.  This is something I recommend for starting cartoonists.  I presented the General with a drawing depicting his various moods as cartoon animals as a leaving gift.....I wonder if he kept it?

Today's doodle of the day has been inspired by last nights board game session. We played the cooperative board game Robinson Crusoe from Zman games.  An enjoyable if complex game which takes an absolute age to set up as there are so many components. 

We didn't succeed in our team effort to survive, but we did manage to cover the table with more gaming pieces than you would believe was possible!

Back to beards for today's doodle of the day. The digital ink is still wet on this one as I have just finished it and posted it straight to the site.


The update is a little late today as I have been working like mad to colour the first batch of horsey cartoons and upload them to cartoonstock

They are now available to buy either on licence (for presentations or publications) or on merchandise or as prints as part of my growing portfolio of over 220 cartoons.

I will celebrate by not drawing cartoons for the evening :)

I am continuing to post a horsey cartoon every day over on Instagram and they are proving quite popular. My intention is to make them all available to buy through cartoonstock by the end of the week. 

This one has already been instagramed and was very well received, but I posted it in black and white so I figured I would share the coloured version for today's doodle of the day.

An artist friend of mine Neil Burton was very influential in my early stages as a cartoonist, not only as inspiration but also as a tutor whilst I learned the craft. He once said to me that when you were struggling to draw anything and it was getting frustrating you should find one thing which you could always draw with confidence to raise your spirits. 

For me, it was always ladies who looked like they were straight out of my first how to draw book 'How to draw comics the Marvel way'. 

Here's one I doodled earlier :) 

I love the iPad app Sketch Club, which I recommend you check out if digital doodling is your thing and you are lucky enough to have one of these amazing devices.

Today's doodle of the day was drawn in the aforementioned app using my favourite brush tool 'sketchy'. This is Monty, my Mum and Dad's Cairn Terrier. Happy Fathers Day Dad!

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