Stuff I've been doing


 I am on a creative roll at the moment following the completion of 'from the horses mouth' and I am working on two projects now simultaneously. 

One is the Chinese medicine project I mentioned a couple of days ago, and the second is this one which I have had for ages, and it am disappointed to admit I have not yet completed. 

This is a recent concept sketch for Project Sven....which I have dusted off and will work on alongside Project Zang Fu.


 It was great to return home today and discover the first copy of our book 'cartoons From the Horse's Mouth' has arrived.

It looks great and we are really pleased with it.


 It's my birthday today and last night my girlfriend made me an amazing chocolate vegan birthday cake. 

It's gorgeous! 

This is a photo of me earlier today ;)


 Today's doodle of the day is the beginning of a new project. 

Very very rough thumbnails here as I start to plan how I will lay out the cartoons for my new book. 

Lots of work ahead as potentially this could be 80 comic pages in full colour as a study aid for students and practitioners of Chinese medicine. 

More to come :)


 Yes. Cartoon horses again. 

We have just made the cartoon collection available as an ebook too, for those of you who prefer their books in digital form. 

The ebook will eventually filter to all the usual places, but should be available immediately from lulu. It is immediate, cheaper and in colour.....if you don't mind owning it virtually. We think you should own both.....but then we are very excited about our project :)


The book is completed and published on lulu and ready to buy. Woop! Woop! 

That blurb on the back of the book reads as follows:

If you have ever wondered what your horse or pony talk about when you're not around, and you know your Appaloosa from your Andalusian, then this book is for you!

101 hilarious cartoons featuring horses and ponies with their views on everything from rugs to hay bags, grooming to jumping and lots more. All straight from the horses mouth!

I am working on the ebook version next... Why are you still reading this. 

Shouldn't you be off buying a book?? :D


 It is supposed to be a simple matter of uploading your manuscript to the print on demand website, then telling everyone. Three days later and I am still the only person with a copy of the new cartoon collection.

When it is available....soon....the intention is to sell it both here as well as through

Watch this space :)


 The cartoon book is verrrrrry close to being available after a day of collating and compiling. This is the front cover.

Exciting stuff

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