Stuff I've been doing


 Getting the hang of drawing in Manga Studio, but I have a way to go before I can create comic pages in it quickly, and I need to produce thirty pages for the publisher for one of the projects to get it started officially.

No pressure!


 My old faithful Autodesk Sketchbook Pro has been struggling of late with my two new projects, as they are both comic based and it isn't specifically geared to that kind of art. It has also been corrupting my work which is quite depressing.

One of my Digital Illustration students reintroduced me to Manga Studio, so I am rapidly absorbing what I can do with this cool piece of software. Clearly this is a mad doodle amongst a whole page of experiments.

I am convinced that with more practice this will be the software for Project Zang Fu.


 Apologies for the lack of updates the past couple of days, but I am really excited that the next phase of our move is complete, and equally excited to be back in Sussex!

Now I can concentrate on those two book projects I have been talking about, reenergise my martial arts training and catch up on marking assignments for my digital illustration students 

(thanks for your patience the last few days guys!).

Life is sweet and the future is digitally coloured :)


 Lots of reading and resting today, so no productive doodling, but I thought I would draw this little snapshot of our mammoth 12 hour drive on Friday.

Small island, too many cars, bottleneck.


 I've missed a couple of days updating the site as I have been in a car travelling back and forth to the area of the UK where my girlfriend and I are moving to. Way too many hours in a car really! We calculated that we could have flown half way around the world in the time we spent sitting behind the wheel of that van!

Hence no updates.

This is the beginning of a revamped cartoon for Project Sven which I worked on today. Not sure yet whether it will remain black and white or be coloured....


 I managed to get myself organised and produce a doodle of the day today, so here it is. No rhyme or reason, just a doodle in between studying for the Zang Fu project, revising for Project Sven and packing for our imminent move to the moon.


 I didn't get a lot of drawing done again today in between marking assignments, packing and eating. This was drawn earlier after a period of study again. I'm not loving that tiger.....


 Project Zang Fu is proceeding well, but Project Sven is bubbling like crazy at the back of my mind, especially after a FaceTime chat with Sven and Ren last night.

A couple of Project Sven doodles to end the day before I go off to watch my beloved Columbo or maybe Firefly (again).

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