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The release date for our collection of horse cartoons is very close now, and we are really pleased to see that Horse & Hound magazine have featured it on their web page. You can check out the feature here. The book is available from amazon or direct from the publishers on their website.

We are very excited about the book, and the cartoons look and feel great in printed form!

I have been hinting about a project which my friend Damo Mitchell of Lotus Nei Gong and I have had in the melting pot for a couple of years since I revamped my website last year.  The project is a Chinese medicine book describing the workings and possible disturbances or illnesses affecting the organs of the body or 'Zang Fu'. It will be an exciting and informative mix of Damo's extensive knowledge and experience illustrated by my cartoons as comic stories to help remember all the syndromes and their symptoms.  I can now confirm that we are working with publishers Singing Dragon, and that the book will probablybe released  in 2016.

It's all very exciting, but it means producing 79 comic stories each around two pages long by the end of November. A lot of work!

 A lot has happened in five months, and I will announce it in stages rather than one huge post. One of the most exciting developments is that our cartoon collection 'from the horses mouth' has been picked up by a publisher. Contracts were signed at the end of 2014 and the book will be released by Kenilworth Press within Quiller Publishing in March. They are selling it through equestrian and countryside events as well as on their website. It is also available through and will be released on the 31st March.

The book has not only the 101 cartoons produced for the lulu version (now withdrawn obviously!) but extras too, and they are all in full colour!  Vicky and I are now working on the this space


I'm doodling. Productive doodling as these telephone scribbles are continued character ideas for one of my current projects. I am also working on a logo and that Chinese medicine book I keep talking about.

I have also taken up my sculpting again too, which I may post up a photo of the results here if they are any good. Sculpting is everything digital illustration is not; it has a physical presence in the universe, 3 dimensional and when I'm finished I have dirty hands. I love the contrast, but I need a lot more practice! I recommend everyone learning to draw to try modelling in clay of some kind, it really does help you visualise a form beyond the single dimension of your page, screen or canvas.

Seeing your work used in any form is very pleasing, but I especially love the gorgeous boxes Elegant Merino have produced for their woollen garments using the logo I produced.

If you are looking for luxurious woollen garments and accessories in New Zealand merino wool, then check out Elegant Merino.

If you are looking for a logo, then please get in touch with me :)


 I'm not finding much time to draw or doodle right now, but I hope this will change once we are settled into our new place and have broadband from Monday.

Here is a twenty second doodle for now........


 Cartoon monkeys doodled earlier whilst deciding how one of the Zang Fu characters will look. It is progressing nicely and I am becoming more familiar with Manga Studio :)


 It's been a while since I posted. I'm drawing, but I can't share yet as I'm trying to complete a batch of cartoons for a proposal to a publisher. So I'm keeping my powder dry so to speak.

Here is a doodle as I sit in front of the tv wishing it wasn't so rubbish :)

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