Stuff I've been doing


Doodle of the day.  Yes yes, horses again. A cartoon strip is forming in my mind, and the characters are delivering their punchlines and revealing their personalities every day. So with the aid of my equine expert I took one horse doodle and then tweaked it to produce different colours (bay, piebald, dappled grey etc), genders, ages and characters and eventually breeds too.

This is my first attempt. It is a good example how with just a few lines a standard character can completely transform in look or expression.


I have adopted a different style and approach to my cartooning recently as I wanted the horse cartoons I keep talking about to be looser and more expressive.  I also decided they needed different eyes, and to that end I have been drawing with more of a Jim Davis of Garfield fame style.

This page of doodles started with one or two horses, and then I decided to see how a few more animals would look in the same style. It is good to be able to mix it up a bit as often a clients needs require a different approach. I am enjoying this new way of working and I believe it is showing in my cartoons :)

Doodle of the day. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood, or the day is getting in the way of my creative process, or I'm in the mood for drawing anything but what I should be drawing. To overcome this I will sit and aimlessly doodle to warm myself up. This is the result of one of those moments earlier today. It isn't working yet :0


Doodle of the day.  I keep posting sketches and doodles here, but I thought it was time to show the cartoons I have been working on lately. Here is one from a growing collection of over fifty equine themed cartoons. They are predominantly 'in' jokes, so if you don't know about meadow fescue, perennial ryegrass or meadow grass this isn't going to be that funny. Horsey people should love it though :)


Doodles of the day. As I said earlier in the week, my sketchbook is currently filled with cartoon horses.  I figured I should share a few more of them. As with all good doodles these three had no plan, they just evolved, although I can totally associate with that poor guy in the middle there....I hate flies.


Doodle of the day. I started with the cat, and that expression came with him. Then he ended up seated on a cloud.....and then he was in the sky. Who knows. If you think of an explanation or a caption I'd love to hear from you :)


Doodle of the day.  I am working on some illustrations for another book relating to Chinese medicine.  This guy is just a fun sketch, but I quite liked the way he turned out. He was drawn on my iPad using Adobe Ideas.

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