Stuff I've been doing


Doodle of the day today is a horse again. I am spending all of my idle moments sketching these guys as I have to be able to draw them swiftly and consistently, and that is the only way I know to achieve it. Say hello (again) to all horsey people will know, he is an Iberian breed. In the developing strip he will be one of the main characters.


Today's Doodle of the Day was drawn following a conversation with a friend on the subject of renewable energy sources (I have the most exciting chats!). You either understand the joke or you don't, so I won't get into the technical details of renewables or why people in that world will find it funny. I hope they do though :)


Doodle of the day. I sat and doodled this whilst I ate my breakfast just now. Another of my favourite iPad drawing apps; Sketchclub.


Doodle of the day.

I have an urge to draw in the real world for a change, which doesn't happen that often for me as I have been predominantly digital for over a decade. I wandered down to my local art materials shop and bought myself two nice black markers. Then I drew Brian the pony, who has 'small horse' issues.

It is good to produce something tangible, even if it is only a three minute doodle :)

Doodle of the day. It is my Mum's birthday today and I am about to drive North to visit her.  Happy Birthday Mum! She loves pigs.....


Doodle of the day. Sometimes your mind wanders and the drawing draws itself. This is one of those moments drawn in Adobe Ideas using my finger. No productive purpose, just a line arranging itself on the screen.


Doodle of the day. I am now developing my ideas for the equine gag cartoons into a strip as my head is bursting with ideas, and I need to get them out before my head is full and I forget where I live.

For me all great strips revolve around the characters, so that is where I have started. This is one of a cast of emerging possible characters I have started work on....

Doodle of the day.  I used to draw everything on my Motion Computing LE1600 tablet PC using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, but more recently I have acquired an iPad, and i am doing a lot of my doodling there.

This was doodled in the app Adobe Ideas, which as any of my students on my Digital Illustration for IPads course at the London Art College will know, I absolutely love.  It produces the effect of vector drawing in an easily accessible interface, and enables simple doodles like this to be produced in a few minutes.

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